Byron White is one of the original content marketing revolutionaries, with success well documented. He's the founder of numerous startups, Chair of Content Marketing Conference and enjoys hockey and skiing in extreme terrain.
Freelance Access
Representing graphic arts professionals with "resumes" made no sense back in 1992. Byron launched Freelance Access with a new approach that sparked an acquisition by Aquent, a competitor.
Lost Ball Golf Tournament
Entrepreneurs by nature are faced with challenges. After a battle with cancer, Byron started a golf tournament called Lost Ball to help raise funds for cancer research, that's raised $100,000 for The Jimmy Fund to date.
Remember the Wild Wild Web early days back in 2000? That's when ideaLaunch was born—Byron's return to entrepreneurial life after a stint with Aquent—to transform ideas into fast growing businesses.
LifeTips was the first launch, a portal that now offers 120,000 tips, 50 books in print and 350 podcasts enjoyed by millions of readers, listeners and fans. All this on a showstring budget with no funding or VC support.
Content 6
The content marketing revolution was just beginning back in 2005. Byron caught the wave by starting a full-service content marketing agency, serving WalMart, SalesForce, Iron Mountain and many more.
To bring the WOW factor to Content 6, and help the company stand out from the pack, Byron developed software called WordVision to track content marketing performance.
Agencies were hard to scale, so Byron launched WriterAccess, a content creation platform, that zoomed from 100 to 14,000+ customers in 5 years with no sales reps or VC funding.
Content Marketing Conference
Advancing careers can be challenging, so Byron launched Content Marketing Conference, gathering yearly with customers, writers, designers and thought leaders to learn what's coming next.

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